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I am famous for being wise, intelligent… and ugly. I was the first person in recorded history to be killed legally for speaking the truth.

“Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for… and … Like us on Facebook”Socrates ( 470 – 399 BC) He genuinely said all of that…

Greetings happy slave unit. A genuine welcome to Treachery’s humorous free short stories in .pdf. This here page has sort of evolved into  the dumping ground or .pdf archive of all the wacky happy happenings in Treachery. It also also contains earlier work that is not directly related to the grand  vision of general disinformation and Happy Treachery. Many of the Treachery classic short stories will eventually arrive here to better mock your world.

You may copy and share the short stories with your friends provided that you give credit to this website as the source of the material. Consider likeing this page on Facebook, if you don’t mind :-)

Happy Treachery Story Threads:

The Adventures of Dr Delicious Season 1. Dr Delicious‘s head isn’t right and he has a finger all the pies in Treachery… His cunning is much of a shock, and ought to be feared in Treachery.  http://www.digitalbed.co.za/DRDELICIOUS.pdf

The Romantic Pirate of Treachery. This here is the tale of the only true pirate of Treachery. A fine lover he was… peg leg ‘n all. Ladies… behave! Fathers… load your guns!  http://www.happytreachery.com/cs.pdf 

The Wild Fruit of Happy Treachery [Part 1] This is the big one in terms of the grand vision of happy treachery. Its a compilation of all the most interesting bits happening in Happy treachery: http://www.happytreachery.com/thewildfruitofhappytreachery.pdf

Stories unrelated to Happy Treachery:

1. 2012 Explained. Tips on how to circumvent the hangover. Sometimes one has to draw distinction between fact and fiction. This theoretical short piece aims not to do that. I’m currently working on its sequel. It must be gold, and as a result I’m still distilling pure thoughts. [turns out I’m quite a foul character]I am particularly proud of this piece because Alexander said it was brilliant. By far my favorite among my short stories.

2. A Cloud 9 experience in Perceived Value. This short story makes me the victim of suffering. Most women enjoy this story.

3. Smalltalk with Satan. A story-tale with a tail of a story. This piece aims to outline the immense value of unconditional love and how it diffuses the meanest of egos among gods and their action figures.

4. Spiteful Religion… This really isnt a  friend of short stories at all. Its a dreadfully serious piece that is really low in entertainment value and high on burdening you with responsibility. Most people don’t like reading it at all. It explains enslavement or rather the application of the new scientific method… either way its bound to bring about a rather sick feeling.

5. Dutchmen’s guide to the Universe. [Or perhaps the universe’s guide to the “dutchmen”]. This short story tries to capture the “dutchmen” [supposed derogatory term for Afrikaner. Like the barometer, this makes no sense] under the influence of alcohol. Dutchman short stories can go where other stories cant…or wont

6. True Love Tulip. A touchy feely story about plastic things. This story I did to make women believe that I’m not a chauvinistic pig. I have their small brains tricked now, and as a result they now  read my other stories too.

7. The degrading venture in finding the meaning of life. As writing short stories became more of an interest in my life, I started to reflect back on how I came so preoccupied with it.
A piece that tries to capture my simple life story. Its degrading.

8. Arming for that =FIRST DATE= . A recap on the global stampede for a little tenderness. This story is a great idea in essence, but I could never get it to flow gracefully. As a result I might redo this one at some stage.

9. Toad War Three Foot … (and how I came down to earth)
This is the most relevant and ambitious story in the universe. One day people will say: “Wow! What a relevant story” The first of two short stories. The second one is entitled … How I came down to earth.

10. You are important to Me. A thought all adults should consider. This is more of the same, although this time it isn’t a story. Its simply a discussion on how I neglect my kids and how we as a species neglect each other. If we ever considered healing the human fabric for the sake of ourselves and our kids, this probably should be taken into account. In the end we must take responsibility.

Much to my surprise this story is the least forwarded. I guess we want to go to wars and not think and pick up our kids corpses by the road…

11. How I came down to earth.  This story is the sequel to TOADWARTHREEFOOT. Its also based on a true fictional story :) . This is the second of two short stories. The first is entitled Toad war three foot.

12. Smuggling booze into heaven. This short story captures the free for all mindset of the modern world of dishonesty and tries to capture how bad people flourish in the modern world of technicalities. I dedicate it to honest Americans.

13. The Incredible story of the cosy coffin. This story I thought up while taking an elevator.  I’ve always found it strange that with some trips you can hear a pin drop and other times people just babble away as if they are being beamed up to heaven.

14. The introduction to the book of SLACK. The book of slack was a sacred text written during the age of information technology. He was known to his friends as the cyber sangoma, but really just known as the SLACKER. This story tells how the Slacker conceived the greatest philosophy on earth again. Now known under a new word: Slack.

15. How to get super powers. This story will really aim at paving the way for the “Incentives of Truth”. In its own right its also borderline entertaining… but more on the upper border, leaning towards insanity… which might be a good thing. One more thing: Remember to be kind to dinosaurs… They’re having a tough time. This is one of those short stories that will let you down… in your bed… and you will sleep… Have you got what it takes to be a snooze fighter? Time to pull your bedsocks up buddy!

16. There’s no I in Incentive. This is loosely based on my lifelong delusion that truth empowers more than earthly deflating monies. Its really my life story on how I outfoxed the tooth fairy and killed my only stream of income, how I outfoxed the church[who with the aid of my parents stole my pig, and tried to bribed me with a stolen sheep] ended up being a lonely battle axe for an empowering truth that ultimately destroyed my marriage. Needless to say… its a comedy.

17. UNHOLY MATRIMONY. Number 17 had always been my lucky number. Funny I should choose a topic for a story that isn’t so lucky. I had quite a giggle none the less. Enjoy UNHOLY MATRIMONY.

18. Zanimal Kingdom. This fictional story of me being nuts is fictitious…

19. Slave Mentality. Here it is! One fine day this will be known as one of the finest works of Lunacy… in the context of a fine Lunar Lunatic.

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